Blue Tones from Val Stefani

Val Stefani has got the blues - and not in a bad way! Blue is easily one of the most popular color choices for formal gowns. Blue comes in thousands of hues that can compliment any skin tone, so it’s no secret why it is so popular! Darker skin tones shine in lighter shades, while lighter features are perfect for sapphire tones. Whether you feel best in navy, electric blue, or sky, Val Stefani has the blue for you! Style 3271RE is an absolutely stunning steel blue. The color is far from sky blue, but is a light, icy tone mixed perfectly with a hint of grey. The gown is a mermaid fit with a sweetheart neckline that is covered with a mesh overlay. From top to bottom, the overlay is covered in blue lace applique that perfectly matches the color of the dress and adds extreme elegance. The best part of this gown is the sleeves; they are completely mesh and covered in the same beautiful lace as the bodice. They flare into large bell sleeves, adding a youthful twist to the elegance. If you’re looking for a more simple gown, style 3244RB is an excellent option. It is a simple V neck gown with thick straps and a low back. The entire gown is a comfortable but intricate lace. The shining element of this gown is its color; it is a striking electric blue! Like we mentioned earlier, blue is such a flattering color, and this gown truly exemplifies that statement. It is certain to stand out and keep you feeling glamorous! From the front, style 3239RE seems like a simple black dress. It has a high neck as well as a slit that hits just above the left knee. The true blue shows up in this dress while you walk- the entire underskirt is a beautiful blue that peeps out when the slit opens slightly. Also, the back and train of the gown is covered in elaborate silver beading. There is so much more to this dress than meets the eye! If you’re on the hunt for a formal gown, definitely check out the Val Stefani collection. You’re certain to find a trendy gown that will make you feel nothing short of a queen!