Boycotting Boring Nails

Who ever said your nails had to be boring?! Now is the perfect time to venture out and try some fun, vibrant nail styles! We have seen tons of fabulous nail designs lately, and we just had to share them! From neon hues, to rainbow, to fun little accents - your nails will be anything but ordinary!

Neon has been a huge trend in fashion this season and it is only going to grow from here as we transition into summer! With that said, neon nails can be such a fun way to brighten any look! There are tons of neon hues to choose from, so you can pick your fav! Plus, there’s an added bonus, they will make you look even more tan!

Rainbow nails are really when you get each nail a different color. So, this could mean using several shades of one color or doing completely different colors that all coordinate! It is such a cute, unique nail trend and we are here for it! Pastels are super cute in the rainbow style, and would be perfect with Easter coming up!

Little dainty designs are also a fan fav when it comes to nails. We’ve seen tons of different designs, like stars, hearts, etc. Star prints and star clothes are a huge trend right now, and we love how cute they look on nails! They also, depending on color can add a little shimmer to your nail color! Now is the perfect time to branch out and try some new nail colors!