Comfy Summer Shoe Trends

Summer is all about enjoying yourself, and for us that also entails being comfy! We rounded up some of our favorite comfy pieces that we think are must-haves! These are all trending items on Instagram and Pinterest, and for good reason. You are going to love these! 

First things first - cloud slides! These sandals are super casual and are this year’s version of last year’s two strap Birkenstock-inspired slip ons. These have one thick piece that goes across the foot, and then the soles are so soft! They really feel like you are walking on clouds. They also come in any and every color you could think of. Most stores these days are making their own versions of these slip ons, so you should be able to find them anywhere you shop! 

We are firm believers that everyone needs a comfortable pair of slippers! You need something warm and cozy to wear around your house. These smiley face slippers are just as cute as can be! They come in a variety of color combinations so you are sure to find something perfect for you! We love that they are not overly fuzzy but will still keep you warm. 

Another comfy must-have are these strappy platform sandals. These are super casual platforms that give you a little height while also looking cute. We love that these are super colorful, but are still muted in color. These will go with so much and will quickly become your go-to shoes! Throw them on with any athleisure outfit for summer activities!