Complete Your Look with Gorgeous Makeup

Are you prom-ready?! We are counting down the days until we see our Instagram feed flooded with prom pictures; so excited! A few weeks ago we talked through some gorgeous prom hairstyles, and now it is time to talk all things makeup! Prom makeup is so much fun because you can make it as dramatic as you want, which is probably different from your everyday makeup routine. With dramatic makeup, most of the time, the focal point is the eyes. And the possibilities for eye makeup are endless! You do not necessarily have to match your makeup to your dress, but you do want your makeup to compliment your gown, not clash with it. If you are wearing a pastel dress, you do not want to go with crazy dark makeup because it will draw away from your overall look. For light colored dresses, color palettes with nude, peach or soft brown hues would be ideal. You want to keep your look refreshing! Light nude hues, with a medium shade of a tan or peach in the crease can brighten up your look! Add rosey blush or even some shimmery shadow, and it will be the perfect compliment to your gorgeous dress! For something deeper, like burgundy, emerald, or black - you can go with darker, more dramatic hues with your makeup. The smokey eye is always a go-to when it comes to formal makeup. Browns, nudes and golds are my favorite hues to mix with a smokey eye. Start light in the corner of the eye and work your way out, making your crease the darkest section. Do not forget to blend it together, for sure! Add some captivating winged eyeliner and a bold lip to top off your look. Now, let’s talk about the best part; lipstick! For lighter hues of gowns, light pinks, corals or nudes usually work best! You really want your lipstick to compliment the color of your dress, not overpower it. For deeper shades and jewel tones, bold lips can be amazing! The options for your prom makeup are endless, do get to searching and pick out a few faves!