Dreaming of Denim

Hellooo lovely people! It is finally April and new trends are about to come rolling through those boutique doors! Whether you are still in love with skinny jeans or you have been obsessing over bell bottoms and flare jeans, we are here to tell you all about the new jean trends! Let's dive right into this denim colored blog.

Okay, let's look at the boss lady look first. This first look is totally for the power girl that is in desperate need of comfort. This look includes your classic blazer, a black top, and high waisted jeans. This look is absolutely to die for!

Now, how do we feel about discussing flare pants? Love or no? We know that we absolutely love this 90s trend! These full flare jeans are to die for. You can pair these jeans with a cute scarf top and short block heels. The look has a super cute West Coast vibe and is very trendy!

Our final look is a relaxed jean look. This look can be paired with Vans and an oversized graphic shirt. The look is a total egirl look. This is a look that you can do something fun with your hair such as braids.