Fabulous Mermaids from Alyce Paris

Alyce Paris always designs fabulous prom styles in a wide range of silhouettes and color options. Alyce Paris has a little bit of everything, so you are sure to find a dress that you love! One style we especially like about Alyce Paris’ 2020 collection is their stunning mermaids! From sleek and simple to layered and embellished - these mermaids cannot be beat!

One of our favorite mermaids from Alyce is style 60691. It is more on the simple side, but it is anything but ordinary! This look features a high halter neckline, and the collar is entirely beaded with silver crystals. The fit of this style is just so good! The soft, stretch material will lay so smooth while accenting your figure! The bodice is sleek and fitted all the way down and the skirt flows out into a gorgeous trumpet shape at the bottom. The back of this look is not what you would think - it’s better! It actually features lace up details so that you can make the bodice fit you just right!

Alyce Paris’s style 60653 is a real head-turner! This strapless sweetheart is entirely crafted from lace fabric and features scallop details across the top. The lace on this gown just looks so elegant! It is available in midnight blue, wine, and glacier blue. For this style, midnight blue really takes the cake in our opinion - it is so unique!

Next up is another halter neck mermaid - Alyce Paris’ style 60551! This dress appears to be simple at first glance, but it actually has a fabulous texture to it and is super shimmery! The back of this style features a few thin straps to add a little extra flare! This gorgeous mermaid comes in four colors: glacier blue, rosewood, wine and navy! You really cannot go wrong with those fabulous hues!