Father's Day Gift Guide

Happy Thursday! We are just a few days away from Father’s Day! In case you need a refresher, it is this Sunday, June 16th! You may be ahead of the game and already have a little something for those special dads in your life, or you may be like most of us, and be total last-minute shoppers when it comes to holidays! No worries, you are not alone!! So, what should you get your dad, grandpa, uncle, whoever a special dad is in your life? Well, dads or guys in general can be kind of hard to shop for. But, the most important thing to remember is to put thought into whatever you are gifting. No matter if it is an act of service, a sweet card, or a bigger gift that you have wrapped up, it is always the thought that counts! Father’s Day gifts can be big or small, from the store or DIY! Just think about what they like to do for fun or something they use a lot that you could upgrade or replace! If he likes to lounge around after work, some pajama pants and some slipper slides could be perfect! They are both things that they would probably not think to get themselves! Pair them with some of his favorite candy or snacks and you have a well-rounded, thoughtful gift! Or, if they like to cook or grill, that could be a great direction to go! A nice grilling set of utensils or a funny apron would be so fun and so useful for when they cook up a yummy dinner! For something a little more DIY, a thoughtful gift could be as simple as printing off a family photo or a picture of the two of you and framing it in a sweet frame! Or, a homemade card with a thoughtful message would be perfect! Overall, Father's Day is all about spending time with those special dads in your life, no matter if they are your dad, step-dad, grandfather, etc! So, even if the gift is not anything extravagant, no worries. Just go with something thoughtful and spend time with them, that is what they will care about and cherish the most!