Festive July 4th Food

Hey girl, hey! Happy July! We love this time of year because it brings all the things we love about summer into one holiday celebration. Time with family and friends, cook outs, lake days, and lots of sunshine! We love when a cookout or gathering has festive food and snack options, so we rounded up some of our favorite festive treats that you can take to your July 4th plans! 

What’s our go-to, favorite snack? We’ll give you one guess! Charcuterie is our top pick by far. Charcuterie boards can easily be altered to fit a theme or holiday, it feeds a lot of people and you can make it out of whatever you want. The possibilities are endless! For a Fourth of July board, you need lots of red, white and blue foods. If you want to get fancy, grab a star cookie cutter for added pazazz! Strawberries and blueberries are a must for these boards. You can use cheese or apples to add stars to your board, too. Fill the rest of the space with your favs and you will be ready to hit the road. 

You can never go wrong with bringing a dessert to a holiday get together. A lot of times, dessert is overlooked so you can throw something festive together quickly that will please the masses. We found this sheet brownie dessert via Pinterest and we think it would be a hit! It is a simple brownie baked in a rectangle dish, topped with whipped cream and then you add layers of strawberries and blueberries to make it look like a flag. It is the perfect dessert for a summer gathering! 

Party food is our absolutely favorite and there are just some staples that cannot be topped. Any variation of pigs in a blanket is a win in our book. These firecracker dogs are a must for fourth of July festivities. You can make these with hot dogs or little smokies, crescent rolls and cheese if you want to add the star. Wrap the dogs up, bake and put them on a stick. These are made even more festive with a cheese star on top. Yes, please!!