Find The Perfect Swimsuit

It’s the beginning of June, and that means we’re in full blown summer! Summertime means beach trips, pool days, and boating at the lake. That also means it’s time to do some swimsuit shopping! Shopping for a swimsuit can be a bit overwhelming because there are so many options. You can go with a classic bikini, a mismatched set, or even a one piece! But we are here to keep you from being overwhelmed; here are some tips for choosing the perfect summer swimsuit! High-neck bikinis have been in style for a while now, and we love them. They are so stylish, and are so much more comfortable than most other two pieces. Most high-neck tops look similar to a strapless bandeau top, but have a thick lace or strappy material at the top. If you plan on tanning while wearing a high-neck swimsuit, just remember to roll it down so you don’t have crazy tan lines! These swimsuits are perfect if you want to have an energetic day in the waves, but still plan on getting some sun! Scoop neck one pieces have been all the rage lately, and we can see why! One pieces are extra comfortable, but sometimes they seem like something your mom would wear. Thankfully, several popular brands have released youthful one pieces, so you can get all of the comfort along with style! Some of the more recently released one piece swimsuits even have super cute sayings on the front. A one piece may be your best choice if you are planning on being super active; you can even pair one with denim shorts for an effortless, fresh-off-the-beach look! Another great option for a swimsuit is a cutout look. Cutout suits are really popular this season, and they are super cute! You can really go as far as you want with this style, from slits on the sides to a one piece with multiple panels out. While this style is super trendy and fun, it can give you some serious tan lines- so don’t say we didn’t warn you! This look is perfect for laying by the pool with your friends and taking some totally Instagram worthy pics!