Fresh Styles from Flair Prom New York

Flair Prom New York is taking the prom world by storm! These fresh styles and gorgeous color options are prom perfection and we cannot wait for you to see them! It is so hard to pick favorites out of so many amazing designs, but we found a few that are at the top of our list! Style 19020 is a classic two-piece ball gown. The gorgeous satin fabric shimmers all on its own! The top is simple, but the cut of it makes up for it! The thin straps go across the shoulders and the back to give a little more detail. The colors is what makes this dress a front-runner. It comes in claret, which is a burgundy shade, royal, and teal. These deep tones are so stunning, you will love them! Another gorgeous ball gown is style 19026. This style has a trendy bodice and flare skirt. The bodice is gathered and creates distinct points on both sides. This is a trend that is picking up steam fast! This type of neckline creates gorgeous lines for the dress and accents your figure gorgeously. This look comes in claret or teal, both of which are amazing! Lastly, style 19031 is a captivating ball gown that is sure to turn heads! This dress has a sweetheart neckline, and the bodice is covered in gorgeous velvet. The skirt is full and gorgeous and its satin fabric shines beautifully! The velvet and satin combination is genius! Both fabrics have stunning shimmer to them naturally, so no beading or sequins is needed. This style comes in wine or navy. Flair Prom New York has a plethora of gorgeous styles that will blow you away. They are all unique and will have all eyes on you this prom season! Keep an eye out for their styles and take a look through their catalog to pick out some favorites for yourself!