Freshen Up Your Nails for Spring

February is coming to a close, and March will be here before we know it! The new month on the horizon has us in the mood for all things spring! The first thing we will be switching up and refreshing for spring is our nails! We found several adorable nail style inspiration pictures. You have total creative freedom over your nails, so have fun with it! 

This first picture shows off all kinds of spring vibes with this nail style. Each nail is different, which can be so fun and helps you create an overall look that will go with any outfit. As you can see, this one went with one solid nail, one rainbow-like, a few daisies, french tips and more! The array of colors here can go with any look and you do not have to worry about clashing colors with your outfits! 

This next nail style has more of a neutral look, while still keeping up the spring vibes. It has a very light, pale pink base color is the perfect background to make way for the cutest daisy-inspired floral designs to really pop! The two small flowers on each nail adds a little pop of color, as well as a pop of texture.

If you are wanting to go for something more solid, a more subtle transition - these are the nails for you! These nails feature two solid hues, typically a brighter color and nude. Several nails are the brighter solid color of your choosing, while the others are nude with small accents of your chosen color to tie all of the nails together! We love this look with pastel color options, but neons and neutrals would look fantastic, too!