Getting Creative: Vogue at Home

Being stuck at home has us all longing for something to do. Many of us can’t wait for the day we have a reason to get dressed up. You might even be excited for a trip to the grocery store just so you have a reason to put on a little mascara and jeans. No shame, we know the feeling! Since we seem to be in the same boat, we’ve collected some at home photoshoot ideas to try with family, friends, or even on your own! They are super simple to put together, yet they can create some stunning shots. All you’ll need is some cd’s, newspapers, a mirror, and a camera! Of course a photoshoot is a reason to go all out with dress and beauty, so this will have you feeling vogue at home!

First up we have our CD shoot idea! All you will need is some spare CD’s and string or tape. If you don’t happen to have CD’s, the backside of DVD’s would also work. Completely dependent on personal preference you could either use string to let the CD’s dangle against the wall which will give an original look to your photos’ background or you can use tape to stick them against the wall in either a pattern or more uniform style.

Next is a personal favorite, the newspaper wall! You guessed it, all you’ll need for this photoshoot background is a bunch of newspapers and tape. For the best results use black and white pages without large photos of people on it because that may show up, however the text on the papers will be hard to decipher. Also be sure to use clear gift wrap tape as this tape works best because it can’t be seen in the photo and will not leave residue on your wall. Tape the papers up piece by piece and as wide or as tall as you’d like. Try covering the floor underneath with newspaper too so you can get full body or even sitting shots! A statement piece like a cool chair or interesting prop will help you add your own personal touch to these photos.

Lastly is a trend that’s all over social media, the outdoor mirror photoshoots! For this you’d simply need a mirror. However, if you’re looking to make this trend more original for yourself, you can add flowers around the border of your mirror or even sprinkle water droplets on the glass for a different effect. What some may consider as a generic “mirror selfie”, this would not be it. This shoot idea is quite glamorous as it replaces the normal bathroom background with beautiful blue skies. The originality and personality you’ll put into these photoshoot ideas is the epitome of vogue at home.