Getting Festive for the Holidays

We are in the home stretch! Just five more days until Christmas! Who else is excited?! We sure are! Whether you are finished shopping or you haven’t started, you still have time! Whatever you do, do not stress! This is the holiday to relax and spend time with your loved ones! It does not matter if you cannot find the perfect gift, or cook up the best dessert, just spend time with your people and be happy! With all that said, are you doing anything festive the next few days leading up to Christmas? Well, if you do not have plans, here are some cute and simple ideas to keep your holiday cheer alive! First up, eating cookies is a must! Whether you make them homemade, break and bake them, or just buy them from the store, cookies are essential! There’s something about this time of year that just makes you want to cozy up by a fireplace while eating cookies and milk! Yum! If you are going to be baking, maybe include your siblings or a good friend to join in on the fun! Holiday activities are always sweeter with someone you love! If you are into being crafty, a gingerbread house is the perfect activity for you! You can buy a box of everything you need at the store or if you are super crafty, make one yourself! Our favorite tradition is everyone gets their own little house to decorate with icing and candy. By the end of the day, we will have a little gingerbread village! It is always so fun to get the family together to do a fun activity! Most of time the houses do not turn out amazing, sometimes the walls fall in, but the time we had building them and laughing together made the crumbling gingerbread house no big deal. Or if you just want to relax and be cozy, holiday pajamas are so fun and festive! Whether you spend Christmas with your family or your friends, getting you all some cute pj's will help get you in the spirit! These can be anything you want, a onesie, a button up and matching pants/shorts, a nightgown, really anything goes! Tons of stores are carrying holiday pajamas so you will definitely find some cute ones! Happy holidays and let’s get festive!!