Hairstyles We Love

Everyone needs a fun new hairstyle, agreed? We all get tired of the same hairstyle everyday and getting the same cut every time we go to our hairdresser. Today we are going to show some of our favorite trendy hairstyles!

First up is the claw clip. Everyone has been obsessed with this hairstyle recently. I love this look because it is so easy but so cute. It is a super fun alternative to a ponytail or bun. Also, it can be casual or more elegant by the way you fix it. My favorite part of this hairstyle is that it can be used on any hair type.

Next is the trendy curtain bangs. We know layers have been around forever, but these curtain bangs are to die for. They add volume to any hair style, whether you wear your hair curly or straight. Also, if you wear your hair up, the bangs make it more fun and flirty. If you want a change of pace, curtain bangs are the move.

The last hairstyle we are loving is big curls. Tight princess curls are out and big blowout curls are in. These curls pair perfectly with layers and curtain bangs. I love the fluffy and big curls opposed to tight uniform curls, the bigger the curls, the better. Go give these hairstyles a try!