Halloween-Inspired Recipes to Try

What’s the best part of fall and Halloween parties? The food, of course!! Whether you are planning to host a Halloween party, or just have a few friends over for a movie night, you need festive snacks and treats! Nothing gets you in the spirit quite like some themed food! So, here’s a few ideas to try for your upcoming Halloween gathering! Finger foods are definitely the way to go when it comes to party food. One of the easiest to do is make pigs in a blanket, with a spooky twist! All you need is crescent rolls and sausages, but instead of just wrapping them normal, make them look like mummies! Top them off at the end of their bake with two tiny dots of mustard as eyes! For something a little sweeter, try these monster rice krispies! You can either make homemade rice krispie treats or buy pre-made ones from the store. All you have to do is melt white chocolate, and dye it whatever color you want and dip the treats in them! Let them cool, and add some fun eyes! Sweet and simple! While you have the white chocolate, leave some plain white and make some chocolate covered strawberries! Dip the strawberries in the white chocolate, and add eyes and a mouth. This will give you adorable little ghost strawberries! Easy and delicious! There are so many Halloween treats and party foods, so get cooking and try them out!