Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Labor day is a national holiday and is often a time to relax and enjoy the company of friends and family. Some people celebrate by shooting off fireworks, some cook awesome barbeque, and others make crazy cute DIY Projects! One cute and easy DIY project for this labor day is Rice Mason Jars! These make cute centerpieces for any party on labor day. These simple mason jars consist of white rice and red and blue food coloring. To begin: dye the rice,let it sit out to dry, simply put it in the mason jar, and place a candle on the top of your rice and you have beautiful centerpieces that are sure to rock your labor day. Another simple idea for this labor day is to make watermelon popsicles. All you need is watermelon and popsicle sticks to make this awesome creation.This easy popsicle idea for summer only has 4 steps! First cut the watermelon into triangles, then take a knife and poke a hole in the end of your watermelon. Next, put your popsicle stick in the end of your watermelon and freeze for 30 mins for a great chilling afternoon snack. Have a fun and safe Labor Day weekend!