Happy Last Day of Spooky Season!

Happy Halloween!! The day is finally here! It’s time to dress up and eat allll the candy your heart desires! There are so many ways to celebrate this fun holiday. Whether you are going out with friends, handing out candy in your neighborhood or just curling up on the couch and watching Hocus Pocus, it doesn’t matter! Dressing up is always better with friends! You can all dress up as separate things or do a group costume! There are so many options; you could be a group from your favorite show, a troop of witches, or really anything! Extravagant or not, get out there and have fun! Handing out candy in your neighborhood can be the most fun! You get to see everyone’s costumes, and the faces of the little trick or treaters are priceless! Curling up to watch your favorite Halloween movie is also a good way to end your night! Hocus Pocus is always a great option, or go for a major throwback and watch Twitches or Halloweentown! Regardless of how you spend your Halloween, we hope you have the best time and really enjoy the holiday! Spooky season may be coming to an end, so go out with a bang!!