Happy November!

We are welcoming November with open arms and are so ready for all the cozy vibes this month brings. Don’t get us wrong, we love Halloween and spooky season, but November just brings different vibes that we are so ready for! 

As we know, November is the month that we give extra thanks! Family Thanksgiving may already be on your planner in a few weeks, but now is the perfect time to start planning a Friendsgiving with your favorite pals! It can be so simple, all you need is for each person to bring a dish and you will have a full friendsgiving feast. 

This time of year is all about good food and we have a few simple things you can make to get you in the November spirit. For a sweet breakfast treat, go for pumpkin pancakes; whether you make them homemade or order them at your fav brunch spot, it is the perfect time to try them out. If you want to bake, try your hand at a fall-inspired pie. Pumpkin or pecan are definitely at the top of our list! 

Make sure to take time to get outside during this beautiful time of year! If the leaves are changing where you live, take a walk or hike and get some fresh air. Or plan a cozy bonfire with your friends and make s’mores! The days will fly by so try to take advantage and enjoy it as much as you can!