Happy Valentine's Day!

Be mine, Valentine! Happy V-Day! What are your plans for the evening? Are you headed out to a nice dinner with your person? Curling up with popcorn and binge watching a show? Whatever your idea of a perfect Valentine's Day is, we hope it is the best yet! Most of the time, Valentines is seen as the day everyone goes out with their significant other, and the day is full of roses, heart-shaped everything, and hopefully some yummy treats! But, Valentines is not just for those in relationships, it’s for everyone! So, if you do not have big plans for the day of love, just do some small things to get in the spirit! Bake some festive cookies! Heart shaped sugar cookies are always a go-to. Just bake and put a little icing on and you are good to go! Or, grab a box a donuts to share at your school or work, this will definitely brighten your day and theirs. Chocolate covered strawberries are a staple of Valentines Day and there is no need to miss out on these delicious treats! Order some strawberries or make some yourself! V-Day is the perfect reason to treat yourself with yummy snacks and desserts! Another option would be to plan a GALentines! Get all your girls together and go do something fun or plan a cozy night in full of pizza and binge watching. Time spent with your best friends is never time wasted! It will be so fun to get everyone together for a little girl time! No matter what you are doing this Valentine’s Day, or who you are spending it with, have fun with it! Bake some treats, hang out with pals, or go out on the town! Celebrate this Valentine’s Day!