Happy Valentine's Day, Love!

Happy day of love!! February 14th means roses, yummy food, and all the chocolate you can eat! Today is the day to celebrate the people you love! Whether you are in a relationship or not, today is the perfect day to show your family and friends how much you love them! Valentine’s Day can be totally stressful though-- so much planning and so many options. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with some of our favorite Valentine’s day ideas! Are you spending Valentine’s with your significant other? You go, girl! Typically that includes a fancy dinner at a restaurant he should’ve made reservations for weeks ago, but forgot until just now. No worries! I’ve got an idea that may be even better than going out. You know those classic chocolate-covered strawberries that are a Valentine’s Day go-to? Make your own! Warm up some chocolate on the stove or microwave and dip the strawberries right in; let them cool in the refrigerator for about half an hour and your good to go. But, the best part is that you aren’t limited to strawberries! Try dipping marshmallows or sponge cake, too. It’s like a private fondue party, and who doesn’t love eating ALL the chocolate things especially when you have a reason?! The best part is that this will be quality time for you and your dude without the hefty price tag of a big dinner! And you’ll both probably have way more fun anyway! Celebrating Galentine’s with your girls this year? Sounds like a blast, can I come?? But seriously, your besties are your besties for a reason. They’re there for you 24/7 and you all have a blast no matter where you are, so show them some love this year. Invite them over for movie night! Break out all the chocolate goodies; brownies, ice cream, and whatever else you can find (can you see a theme?). Put on you favorite Ryan Gosling movie and you’re good to go! Whoever you’re spending Valentine’s Day with this year, remember to spread the love. Share it those around you and love yourself, girl! You are a queen so treat yourself to some new earrings or a mani/pedi, you deserve it! Happy Valentine’s, love!