Hey there, Pumpkin!

The countdown to Halloween is dwindling down and the time frame to do your favorite spooky season activities is quickly closing! We hope that you have gotten to do a few fun activities to get you in the spirit of Halloween thus far, but if not you still have time. One easy activity you can do before the holiday comes is to paint or carve pumpkins! This is such a fun thing to do to take a break and do something creative with your friends!

Painting pumpkins is a great alternative to carving pumpkins! It doesn’t make quite as big of a mess, and lets you get super creative with your pumpkin! The possibilities with painted pumpkins are endless; you can make it spooky, cutesy, and personalized -- the only rule is to make it your own!

One of our favorites is a cartoon-like Harry Potter pumpkin, complete with the scar and his signature scarf! Another is an adorable pumpkin made to look like a doughnut with sprinkles. If you want to make things more spooky, you can paint it with spider webs, ghosts, witches, or anything you find to be on the spooky side!

If you want to go all in and carve your own pumpkin, you have tons of options as well! You can use a carving kit and pick a design from it, or just go ahead and make the pumpkin especially unique and make a design yourself. We typically go for cute designs on our pumpkins, but making them scary is an option too, of course!