How We Take Notes!

Hellooo, lovely ladies! How excited are you for those lecture classes to start up again? My guess is probably not very, haha. Do not worry, though! We have got the perfect thing to make you look forward to those long, boring classes. Aesthetic notes! You know those notes that are satisfying to look at and easy to read. Yep, we’ve got all kinds of stationeries and note formats for you today. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this note-taking blog!

First off, it is a proven fact that colors help you remember what you write down. So let’s break out those colored pens and highlighters. These are absolutely necessary for pretty and aesthetic notes. I highly recommend using lighter colors, such as pastel colors. Also, breaking your notes up into colors helps separate the important information from the less important.

Next thing is the format of your notes. This is always a topic that we struggle with. I have found that basic outlines help me the most. Cornell notes are also very effective when organizing your notes. If you are feeling extra fancy today, though, try spicing it up with some boxes. This is a fun little thing to do when you wish to doodle a bit on your notes.

Finally we have what to write on. While I always highly recommend a refillable notebook, iPads and tablets are another lovely option in this digital world. There are even textured screen protectors that feel more like paper than a glass scene and stylus that feel like actual pens. Nonetheless, it all depends on how you like to write and take notes. Happy note taking, ladies!!