Iridescent Stunners from Jasz Couture

Get ready to shake things up and make a statement at prom in a Jasz couture gown! Jasz is best known for their cutting edge designs, top notch embellishments and fierce silhouettes. There is truly nothing like a signature Jasz Couture gown! While there is so much we can chat about from Jasz’s current line, we wanted to show off some of their trendy iridescent looks! 

First up is Jasz Couture’s style 7309. This dress features a v-neckline, simple straight style and tons of embellishments. This gown is fully sequined from head to toe and it has the most stunning iridescent shimmer to it. One thing we love about iridescent looks is that they can display several color elements based on what kind of light you are in. As pictured, this dress has a pink base color, while the sequins give off light blue and lilac hues as well. 

This next gown is the ultimate prom look to make you stand out in the crowd. It is Jasz Couture’s style 7330. This gown will have you channeling your inner mermaid with the gorgeous iridescent color scheme and subtle beadwork pattern. The fit is super sleek with a strapless off the shoulder neckline, structured bodice and high slit. The entire gown is adorned with iridescent sequins. The sequins are arranged in a lattice pattern for added texture and detail. We are truly obsessed with this look! 

This next look is embellished to the 9’s! Jasz Couture’s style 7302 is a gorgeous straight silhouette gown with an asymmetrical neckline. This one shoulder gown features a super high slit and tons of embellishments. Beadwork and mirrored stones cover the gown from top to bottom and we are obsessed! These mirror details make the gowns shimmer and shine to perfection! This gown is bringing in all the glitz and glam vibes and we could not love it more!