Keep it Cute and Casual This Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! Today is a day to give thanks, hug your loved ones, and celebrate over a yummy meal! We just love this holiday! So, usually your family will celebrate the holiday at your house, or a relative’s house, and you really want to be cute but comfy. You want to look nice to see your family, but also want to be casual since you at someone’s house. You are also about to dive into turkey and mashed potatoes, so some comfy pants are the move! So, what do you wear to this sweet holiday? Well, there are tons of options. For a casual, but nice outfit, you could wear a chunky sweater, white or dark denim pants with some brown booties or over the knee boots. This outfit looks dressy, but really it is pretty casual. Your sweater will keep you warm and cozy all day long! Or, wear some jeans with a button down flannel and a cardigan or vest to mix it up. If “real” pants like jeans are not the move for you, an oversized sweater and leggings with boot socks and tall boots will give the illusion that you are dressed up, but you will be so comfy and cozy. The tall boots will hide much of your leggings so that you do not look too casual, so no worries there! Another option is to wear a sweater dress with booties or tall boots will keep you comfy while looking way fancier! Or, throw on a simple long sleeve tee or a sweater with a skirt and booties or boots for a dressed up look for your Thanksgiving Day. Really, the secret to a great Thanksgiving look is a sweater! Sweaters can make any outfit comfier or cuter! But, whatever you choose to wear today, you will look great! Enjoy the day with your family and friends, happy holidays! SaveSave