Loving the Layers!

Fall season is upon us, ladies! We could not be more excited to break out all of our sweaters, sweatshirts, jackets, and boots. One of the cutest styles for fall is layering. This adds dimension to any outfit and always looks so cute! Today we are going to show some of our favorite ways to layer this fall. Let’s get this blog started! 

The first way to layer is with a flannel! What says fall more than a cozy flannel? You can find flannels anywhere this time of year, and there are so many colors to choose from! Flannels are so versatile, you can wear them over sweatshirts, sweaters, and crop tops! If you want to go the extra mile, you can add another jacket over the flannel to add another layer. We like to pair this look with some mom jeans and boots. 

The next way is to add a turtleneck underneath a dress! While layering like this, you can still be wearing your sun dresses in the fall! All you need is a fitted turtleneck of your choice, a flowy sundress/slip dress, and some boots! Layering some jewelry with this puts this outfit over the top for us! Even if you wanted to add some fun sneakers for a fun casual look, it works! 

The last way is to add a turtleneck under a sweatshirt! This takes a crew neck to the next level, it’s still super comfy and cute. You can pair this with some leggings, yoga pants, or sweatpants for a more comfortable look. If you want to be more casual, this works great with jeans as well. You can pair these outfits with your favorite pair of sneakers. We hope you try out some of these layered outfits!