Mix Things Up with These At-Home Ideas

Wondering what fun and exciting events you can have at home? We have some fun ideas for you! Whether it be movie nights, picnics, or a themed party just for you and your family, these are cute and simple ideas that you can personalize and make your own.

When we say movie night, we don’t mean sit on the couch and watch tv as enjoyable as that is. We’re talking about a unique location around your house with a different look, using a projector. With a projector you’ll be able to watch anywhere around your residence. Personally, we suggest taking your projector outside and showing it on the side of your house/apartment or wherever you may be. It may be unconventional, but that only makes it more fun. That way everyone’s attention is grabbed, you can create your own aesthetic with a movie night, and maybe even the neighbors can join!

Eating at the dinner table is fun and all, but what if you took your family meal to a different room in the house or even outside and created a rustic picnic vibe? Being specific, use blankets, pillows, lanterns/christmas lights/candles, a wicker basket, drink lemonade out of mason jars, just make this experience with your family however you’d enjoy it most!

A themed party? What might that mean? Honestly, whatever theme you'd like for it to be. Use your imagination! A Christmas in summer party is certainly memorable and you’ll get to use those decorations more than once a year. Have things in storage you haven’t seen in years? Use it as decorations! Even if they’re random knick knacks, throw a knick knack party, there’s no telling the joy it could bring you or your loved ones seeing things from years ago being used.

Most importantly, just make memories.