Modern Ballgowns from MoriLee by Madeline Gardner

Ballgowns have been popular forever. They are classic and elegant, and make you feel like a queen the second you put them on! We have seen several modern trends for ballgowns recently, like the oh-so-important addition of pockets. However, one look at MoriLee by Madeline Gardner and you will find a collection of ballgowns unlike any you have seen before! Prints and florals have been very popular lately, so MoriLee decided to make some gorgeous patterned ballgowns! These are just a few of our favorites! Style 42100 combines nearly every trend of the season into one gown! The top has a classic V neck and deep V back. The bodice is covered in black beading that adds a beautiful shine. The skirt obviously has a lot of flare because it is a ballgown; it is composed of several layers of tulle which gives it an airy feel. Along the bottom of the skirt is multicolored floral embroidery! Tulle, embroidering, florals, and sequins all in one! Style 42090 is a super trendy ball gown. It is a two piece with a scoop neckline. The top is fully beaded with colored and clear sparkling crystals. The skirt has a beaded belt that matches the beading on the top, then flares into a floral garden! The base color of the skirt is white, but it is covered in beautiful black and lilac flowers. The lilac roses perfectly match the purple top, but this combination is also available in pink! Style 42009 is perfect if you love making bold fashion statements; it is so unique and absolutely gorgeous! This ballgown has a strapless sweetheart neckline with black beading covering the bodice. It flares high on the waist into a stunning striped skirt; thick black and white stripes alternate all the way to the floor! The stripes are not just horizontal, but flow with the skirt in a sort of V shape which makes this dress very slimming. It is sure to turn heads!