New Year, New You!

New year, new you!! This is a great time to get started on those resolutions you want to get going. Small new things added into your routines can become good habits formed in no time! Things like adding some exercise, taking daily walks, altering your eating habits, etc! They always say, small things lead to big results! Take a step forward to a new and improved version of yourself! 

Exercise is a super common resolution, and for good reason! It is so easy to fall out of an exercise routine when life gets busy, especially in the winter time when the holidays are pulling you in all kinds of different directions; not to mention, it’s cold outside! If you are new to exercise, start small! 30 minutes a day to move your body is a great starting point. You can stick to 30 minutes and advance your movements, or up the time you spend working out. There are endless options here, so grab your bestie and plan a workout! 

Adding self care activities is a must for starting a new year. Make this the year you take time for yourself!! Self care is anything that let’s you take a few minutes to relax, recharge and feel refreshed to go about your week after. Scheduling time to read, take a bubble bath, take a long walk for fresh air, are a few of our favorite self-care activities. What are yours?! 

Last but not least, eating habits are often thrown in the mix for new years resolutions. Now is a great time to adjust your current diet to become healthier; which will in turn, make you feel so much better! They often say you have to fuel your body from the inside out; that could not be more true! Feeding your body, balanced meals is a great step to get on the road to feeling your best self! Also, drink so much water - grab a water bottle with times on it so you can keep hydrated throughout the day.