OBX Fashion Trends

Hey, hey, hey guys! You already know we are totally pumped for the gold game to continue! Yes, we are talking about Outer Banks season 2. So today we are going to show you some OBX inspired outfits! Now, let's get down to business.

Let's start with the pale yellow crop top. This look comes directly from Sarah Cameron! The sunshiny top pairs extremely well with a pair of denim shorts, but if you're looking for the true Sarah Cameron look, then you can pair it with some high waisted jeans.

Next, we have a classic Kiara look. The graphic tees are absolutely everything these days, and obviously Kie thinks so too! Kiara's graphic t-shirts are both trendy and simple. Plus, these shirts are super casual and great for a beach day!

Finally, we have what you all have been waiting for, the accessories! We are obsessed with the polymer clay chokers that Kiara wears. These chokers are totally adorable and can be done with a little bit of DIY. They will also give a great pop of color to every outfit in your closet!