Our Favorite Fall Treats!

Fall is in the air, ladies! It is time for pumpkin spice and cinnamon everything! This is arguably our favorite part of fall, the treats! We know the usual cinnamon donuts, cinnamon rolls, and caramel apples all too well, we want to show a few different treats! Today we are going to show some of our favorite treats this fall season. With that being said, let’s get this yummy blog started!

First up is pumpkin cake pops! All you do is bake your cake as usual, dump it in a bowl, add a little frosting to help it stick together, then ball it up! Then you put the sticks on them and dip them in chocolate! You can use whatever flavor cake you like, we would probably try to incorporate a pumpkin recipe. After you're done, you just add some green icing for the stems and you have your pumpkins! 

While this next item does not qualify as a snack, we are still obsessed with it this fall season! That is any pumpkin spice latte! This is a nice switch up from our usual coffee order. If you order this on your usual coffee shop run, you can always add in a pumpkin loaf! This drink is perfect for hot or iced coffee! We can’t wait to get our hands on it!

The last snack is a pumpkin fried pie! All you need are some biscuits, these can either be canned or homemade, and some pumpkin pie filling! If you are using canned biscuits, roll them out, add your filling then fold them over. Once you do that we recommend tossing them in a cinnamon sugar mix, then into the oven they go! This is the perfect treat for this fall season! You could do any other fall filling such as apples! We hope you try out some of our fall favorites!