Our Quick and Easy Hairstyles for School!

School is back and session ladies! We all know what that means, minimal makeup and the quickest hairstyles possible. Luckily today we have chosen a few of our favorites! Let’s get this blog started! 

First up is the classic messy bun! This cute, care free look is perfect for everyone. It is so simple! Everyone has their own method for creating the perfect messy bun. Our favorite is just twist, tug, and go. You can use any kind of scrunchie, teletie, or normal hair tie, whatever works best for you! If you want to spice it up, you can always add a hair scarf or fun headband! 

The next look is the classic braid. Whether it’s a french braid, side braid, or fishtail braid, we can't get enough of this hairstyle! This is our go to on a lazy day! It is so simple and there are so many options. You could even do a half up half down style with a braid! You could even leave a braid in overnight to achieve that beach wave look that we all love!

The last look is the super cute half up half down look. Any hair type can use this look, curly, wavy, straight, or a combination! You can do a bun, normal pony, or a braid. This look is so easy but still so cute!  Our personal favorite is the bun. If you want to be a little extra, you can always add a fun hair scarf or clips! Hope you enjoyed reading about our favorite hairstyles for school!