Our Summer Nail Inspo!


Since school is out and summer has officially begun, it is time for a change of pace on our nails. This summer it is all about bright neon nails. So let's put away the pastels and bring out the bright colors. Let's dive right into this blog!

Summer is all about fun, and what is more fun than multicolored nails? I love this idea because you do not have to pick only one color! This idea would work for both short and long nails and any shape of nails. I think that multiple colored nails are perfect for summer! 

    This next style is for the ladies who love designs on their nails. The funky swirl design is such a big trend right now. You could even do a base with colored swirls. Whether you pick multiple colors or different shades of the same color, these nails have summer written all over them.

    Lastly is different shades of the same color. I love this style because it is different colors, but it is more toned down. It is a subtle change of color that gives you a change from the normal. The different shades could work for several different colors such as, blue, pink, purple, and green! We love all of these nail styles for summer!