Pantone's 2018 Color of the Year

It’s already that time of year again! Pantone has released their color of the year for 2018 and it is stunning! People from all over the fashion world turn to Pantone for color ideas, pairings, and inspiration for new designs. Once Pantone releases the color of the year, that color starts to pop up everywhere! Handbags, shoes, clothes, and of course, formal dresses! THE color for 2018 is (drum roll, please), Ultra-Violet! Pantone calls this purple hue inventive and imaginative, two things we could probably all use a little more of! Pantone is relating this perfectly balanced hue to space and the “mysteries of the cosmos”. It is an encouragement to grow and discover even greater things that you have thus far. What a powerful color! We are already seeing new trends of ultra violet gowns pop up in the formal industry and we are obsessed! Purple hues are not always a super popular color choice, but it really is amazing; you just have to trust us! Sherri Hill has gotten a jumpstart with the color of the year by releasing numerous styles in this amazing ultra violet hue in her spring 2018 collection. Style 51631 has been the hottest, most in-demand gown of the year. The main appeal is the simplistic design and the laced up back; the silky fabric gives it a gorgeous shine, which is icing on the cake! Madison James is also ahead of the game with their special occasion line. Style 18-801M is a classic nikado, cap sleeve gown. This dress was made for a queen! It comes in white, black, green, red, and our Pantone color of the year, ultra violet (purple). The purple hue of this gown is so fabulous! Pantone’s color of the year really sets the tone for the fashion industry. Ultra-violet is a color that will make a statement and we are obsessed! Every designer has incorporated a purple hue into their line in some way. So, do not be afraid to start the purple trend at your school, you cannot go wrong!