Planning = Doing

Are you feeling quite unproductive lately? Oh my gosh, same! Do you know what possibly could help with that? Planners and lists. I know, I know every time we think of a planner or a list we think of the boring adult stuff. However, they are actually super aesthetic and cute, and they will totally add some extra motivation to your day!

So let’s start this planner blog by talking about “fun” pages. These pages can be anything from your lists to your goal sheets. They are totally motivators for your day to day goals and even your long term goals. Some of these pages might even be day in review type pages where you can color code everything. Yes, that means you get new pens!

Next, we’re going to talk about pens obviously! Okay, okay you must understand that decoration is everything for a planner. Colors upon colors upon colors. Colors that have been color coded to fit the event that is occurring that day, your mood, and even to prioritize to do lists. You just HAVE to get beautifully colored pens!

Finally, are the stickers. Even if they are just used for decoration and have no significance to the page, they are still totally needed. Then again, when are stickers not needed? So what are you doing still sitting there? Go start planning!