Portia and Scarlett's Trendy Feather Details

Hot trend alert!! Feather embellishments are coming back and they are better than ever before! Portia and Scarlett are right there ahead of the trends and have crafted some of the most stunning homecoming looks with these fabulous embellishments. We rounded up a few of our top styles to show you! 

Style PS23908 is a show stopping short number that was made to help you stand out from the crowd. This cocktail number has a straight neckline with sheer illusion mesh. The straps are super thin and subtle, while a beaded fringe hangs off the arms. The entire bodice is beaded from top to bottom. The feathers come into play on the skirt, as they cover the entire skirt in an eye-catching manner. 

This next style was made to steal the show! It is Portia and Scarlett’s style PS23912. The neckline is a strapless, sweetheart that also has a subtle plunging detail on the front. The bodice is entirely adorned with shimmering beadwork, while the skirt is covered in fabulous feathers. But wait, there’s more! This look is made complete with elbow-length sheer gloves that are shimmering with beadwork and feather details. It is truly so fabulous!! 

Portia and Scarlett’s style PS23910 is another short number that is embellished to perfection. The neckline is a straight shape and shoulder straps, a structured bodice and fitted skirt. The entire look is adorned with a captivating beadwork pattern. The feathers adorn each side from the hem of the skirt and go up over the hip.