Prom Day Essentials

Prom weekend for most of you is coming up so soon and we cannot wait to see all of your fabulous prom ensembles come to life! We absolutely love seeing you pick out your dream dress from our stores, but nothing beats seeing the entire look come together with hair, makeup and accessories. Prom weekend can be such a hustle and bustle, so we wanted to put together a guide to make sure you have all you need for the perfect day! 

Let’s start with a few essentials you could have ready so the getting ready process will run smoothly. A steamer is a must have so that you can get any last minute wrinkles that may show up before you put your dress on. Keeping your dress in its bag is the safest place for it to stay, but it may create a few wrinkles in the skirt that you will want to get out. A small handheld steamer will be perfectly fine to get your dress in perfect condition!

A small emergency kit is also a great idea to have on hand for any issues that may arise throughout the evening. We suggest including items like bobby pins, safety pins, a compact mirror and extra powder for blotting your nose, bandaids for potential blisters, as well as a mini perfume or deodorant. All of these things will help you stay fresh and fabulous all night long! 

Back to the topic of getting ready, there are a few things we suggest doing on prom day to make you look and feel your best! Make sure to eat breakfast, it is the most important meal of the day! Make sure you confirm what time your appointments are so that you can arrive everywhere on time. We suggest wearing a button up shirt to your appointments so that your hair and makeup will not be messed up by pulling a shirt over your head. Most importantly, enjoy your day!! Have so much fun and really embrace every moment!