Rachel Allan's Lilac Stunners

Hey, hey, hey, beautiful ladies! Who else is so ready for an event to wear a fancy dress at? We know that we are ready for one! More specifically, we are ready to wear a stunning lilac dress to an event. If you’re the same way, Rachel Allan is definitely the topic of conversation! Rachel Allan’s lilac dresses are absolutely to die for; specifically because the color is just *chef’s kisses* divine. So let’s dive into this purple colored sea of perfection.

The first glorious lilac dress is Rachel Allan style 70047. This ball gown is simply gorgeous. The dress has thin straps and a fully sequined bodice, giving the perfect princess look This gown also has a beautiful iridescent effect to it, thus creating a truly magical presence. 

The next dress up is Rachel Allan style 70136. This enchanting dress is everything. It is an all over sequin dress that is fabulously iridescent. This dress also has a fabulous, strapless, lace bodice. It also has a killer slit that is topped by lace just to make this dress extra special!

The final dress lilac love is Rachel Allan style 70238. This dress is so adorable and so unique. And yes, it’s bringing two-pieces back. Like they ever went away. This dress is another iridescent lilac dress. This gown features a high-waisted full skirt and spaghetti straps. All-in-all, these dresses are total wins for all your lilac needs.