Rachel Allan's Sassy Cocktail Numbers

Since we are approaching the end of August, many of you are beginning to think about homecoming. Rachel Allan’s collection of short dresses are ideal for any style choice! They have a super wide variety of colors, styles and options! 

Rachel Allan style 40047 is completely covered in sequins and has a floral pattern. It would be ideal for homecoming and it comes in navy and burgundy. This one has a deep plunging neckline and a low back. 

Rachel Allan style L1277 is definitely a trend setter and nothing short of gorgeous!! To start off, we have a cape coming from the shoulders, with floral embellishments to make it super elegant. The neckline is also embroidered with sequins and stones and is super flattering. This dress would be beautiful for any event you may have in mind. 

Rachel Allan style 40046 is another beautiful homecoming worthy style. It has a geometric pattern that is gorgeous in the light. Along the bottom, it has some shaker sequins, and the back ties for that perfect fit. This dress is super comfy and would be perfect for those field lights.