Refresh Your Look with These Spring Makeup Trends

Hello March, Hello Spring! Well, almost! If you are like us, you are dying for pretty weather and blooming flowers; we just cannot wait any longer! A new season brings new trends in fashion, hair, and makeup. Winter makeup is usually a darker, more neutral eye paired with nude or dark colored lipstick. Well, it is time to put that away for a bit because these spring makeup trends will leave you inspired and ready to take on a new season! It is time to tone down the smokey eye and say hello to refreshing spring hues! While we love winter makeup, it is time to move on (for now). When we think of spring we think of pastels, blooming trees and flowers, and so much sunshine! Channel these thoughts when you are making makeup choices! Grab some pale pink and maybe a little gold/nude eyeshadow to blend. Lighter hues like these give you a refreshing, subtle glam look. You can play around with lighter pastel colors however you want to, just have fun with it and keep it minimal! Same thing for your blush like the shadow- light and simple! A lighter blush will bring out the natural colors in your skin, to leave you glowing! Now onto our favorite part - lipstick! Those deep browns and captivating plum hues are amazing, but it is time to rotate them out for a bit. This spring, try brighter hues with some color! A simple peach color is close to a nude, but adds a little pop of color. Red lips are always in season, so you cannot go wrong there either! The go-to color for spring is definitely pink! Some might shy away thinking it is too much, but there are so many different shades. You find anything from pale baby pink to electric pink lipstick, so you just pick what you think looks best for your complexion. These lipstick colors can be found just about anywhere. Brand does not matter here, anything from the drugstore to Sephora and everything in between will work! Spring is coming so get your wardrobe and makeup ready now! Break out the pastels, florals, and everything pink! Step outside your comfort zone this season and have fun with these fabulous colors. After all, new month, new you!