Refreshing Summer Snacks

Happy Thursday! The weather here has officially started to feel like summer, and we are so excited to soak up the sun all season long! With these warmer temps, comes some much needed refreshing snacks and treats!

From fruit smoothies, to frozen snacks, Summer is all about cooling off with a tasty treat! Fruit smoothies are our go-to when it comes to summer beverages, and they are actually pretty good for you! Throw in your favorite fruit, a little milk or almond milk with ice and you are set! Blend it all together and you have a tasty, healthy snack or breakfast! Our favorite recipe we have been seeing is pineapple, banana, and strawberry -- all the great tastes of this summer season!

Popsicles are another must-have for super warm pool days! There’s nothing quite like a crisp popsicle to cool you off while you sunbathe! Pinterest has tons of popsicle recipes that look so tasty! The possibilities are endless with these frozen treats! Some we would like to try out are: strawberry cheesecake, raspberry lemon, and mango strawberry!

One last Summer treat to try are frozen yogurt bites! These frozen sweets are super easy to make, and wouldn’t be a hassle to take with you on the go! Use your favorite yogurt flavor and get to making these tasty little treats!