Rhinestone Cowgirl Obsession!


Yeehaw, cowgirls! We're dancing away to Dolly Parton and Kacey Musgraves on this mighty fine day. So you already know we're bringing you all the space cowgirl aesthetics today! Buckle down sisters, you've got a country blog to read!

I don't know if it's just me, but literally is the country aesthetic not everything? I mean, come on, first off you've got the fringe. Let me just say this right now, fringe just glorious! Everyone needs a fringe jacket in their closet right now, so why not get one with rhinestones as the fringe? You know we gotta make it fancy!

Secondly, white cowboy boots. Now I do not mean those tall ones with spurs on the back. No, I mean some short ones with high heels. Those little boots are everything and are a total must have! They go with everything too!

Now to set the whole aesthetic we have the rhinestone cowboy hat. This hat is everything to us right now! You've probably seen the DIY versions all over TikTok and let's just say they are an obvious obsession. So what are you doing still sitting here? Go get your rhinestones cowgirl!