Road Trip Car Accessories

Hello again, ladies! We are finally breaking into the summer, and you know what that means? ROAD TRIP! What is the one thing we all have to have in order for a road trip to take place? You guessed it, a car. So let's talk about all the new trendy car accessories!

Let's grab your keys first! This awesome key chain bracelet is super adorable and practical. Key chain bracelets make it ten times easier to find your keys, as well. The personal favorite here are the trendy little polymer clay bracelets. These key chain bracelets are definitely boho chic perfect for the traveler girl.

Next, let's check the mirror. Mirror hangers are absolutely the best car accessory ever. Not only do they show off personality, but they also can be anything you want. From mini cowboy hats to rose quartz crystals, you can find anything and everything! You can also DIY these accessories!

Finally, we have the fun accessory. This accessory is for all those nights of carpool karaoke. Car LED lights create an awesome vibe for karaoke in the car. Plus, who doesn't want to be a little bit extra while driving down the road?