Rom-Coms for the Win!

Hello, darlin’! To quote Conway Twitty, it’s been a long time, but another lovely Galenine’s Day is two days away. You already know this blog is going to be filled with the greatest romantic comedy movies and episodes for your night in! So let’s dive right into this lovely blog!

We all have some friends that absolutely love Disney, so this first selection is for your Disney-obsessed friend. Enchanted is always the way to go for them! This Snow White spinoff features a stunning Amy Adams and Idina Menzel. Plus, it has Patrick Dempsey in it so that will cover the Grey’s Anatomy fans as well.

The next movie is for the friend that loves a classic movie and longs to travel! Roman Holiday is an Audrey Hepburn classic that features a nice getaway in Rome. The classic is also studded with very glamorous pieces, and even though they were not Givenchy designs, they still leave the audience in awe!

Finally, we have the Rom-Com that is perfect for Galentine’s Day! Clueless is perfect for this “girls only” night. This amazing 90s movie shows the lavish life of Cher Horowitz who is played by Alicia Silverstone. It also has Paul Rudd in it and come on, who doesn’t love Paul Rudd. Now, go grab your girls and some popcorn and have an awesome Galentine’s Day!