Senior Picture Style Tips

Hello August! The last summer month has officially arrived and we have some mixed feelings about it. But, as school inches its way closer and closer, it is time to look at the positives because it’s coming regardless of our feelings. So, this is such an exciting time if you are an upcoming senior! Senior year is bittersweet, so soak in every minute of it. Go to football games, cheer on your friends, and have fun! The light at the end of the tunnel is near, so enjoy it while it lasts! This time of year is perfect for your senior photos. These are the pictures you will use on your graduation invitations, the ones you’ll send out to extended family, and the ones that your mom will probably have life size copies made of for your living room. So, how does one decide what to wear for senior pictures? Well, the first piece of advice we have is to be yourself. That does not necessarily mean dress in your fav nikes and oversized tee, rather pick out something that captures your style and your personality. A cute summery dress, or a nice top and jeans is always a good idea. Really whatever you are comfortable in! Another piece of advice is to have an outfit change or two. You do not want every one of your photos to look the same, change it up! Maybe have a dressier outfit, and a more casual one, or something more edgy and then a boho inspired look at a different location. The possibilities are endless! One last piece of advice, along with your dressy and more everyday outfits, organize some photos to capture those highschool years. Maybe incorporate something you were apart of like a sports team, club, other organization, or just you and your car. These will be pictures you look bad on and will really bring back memories. For instance, if you are a cheerleader, take a few in your uniform with your pom poms, or if you are in the band, pose with your instrument. These are going to be more sentimental photos that will trigger your dearest long-lost memories thirty years from now. Make it your own, be you, and they will be amazing!