Sherri Hill's 10th Anniversary

There’s no party like a Sherri Hill party! We know that firsthand after celebrating the Sherri Hill ten year anniversary at International Prom Fashion Week. You may have seen some pics of the big party on our social media, but we just can’t stop talking about it! The entire night was so bright and fun! It was the perfect way to celebrate Sherri’s ten years of fabulous designs! The party’s catchphrase was, “This ain’t my first rodeo, it’s my 10th!” I mean, how cute is that?! The party was complete with Sherri Hill cookies, cake, snacks, gorgeous models, and lots of dancing! Sherri Hill’s runway models scoured the room looking fabulous in Sherri’s new fall 2018 and spring 2019 dresses! They showed off the new styles, posed for photos and danced the night away with all of Sherri’s retailers. A Sherri Hill party would not be complete without some Sherri swag! The Sherri Hill girls tossed out cute tees, signature pop sockets, and more! We loved getting to sit front row at Sherri Hill’s runway show, but this ten year anniversary party takes the cake! Fashion Week is so exciting, and it was so nice to enjoy some sweet treats and have a little fun! So, Happy 10 Year Anniversary, Sherri Hill! We cannot wait to see the stunning styles that come out of the next ten years to come!