Spooky Halloween Makeup Looks

We’re officially about halfway through October which means all of the spooky festivities are in full swing! There’s only a few more weeks to embrace all of the creepy things, watch the spooky movies, and dress up in costumes. Dressing up for Halloween and Halloween gatherings is so much fun, no matter how grown up you get! So, this is the perfect time for us to chat about super fun Halloween, spooky makeup!

Your makeup can take your costume or simple outfit to a whole new level and will wow everyone else at the gathering! Really, doing spooky makeup can be your costume!! There are so many different options when it comes to spooky makeup, so you need to be sure of what you are dressing up as, or be sure of how you want your makeup and plan the outfit around that! We turned to Pinterest to find some spooky looks that will be easy to do yourself!

Spooky scarecrows are always a favorite of ours and is seriously so easy to do with stuff you already have! All you really need is a dark eye liner or brow pencil to add stitches on your face, and then some peachy, orangey tones for your nose and cheeks! As far as an outfit goes, throw on some distressed jeans, a flannel and maybe even a hat to top it all off! Such a simple costume!

A pirate is also a costume that is easy to pull off, and your makeup can make you look so put together! Piece together a few items from your closet, find a cute headband or something you can tie in your hair, and then plan your makeup off the color of it. Most pirate looks we see feature dark, smoky eyes, deep plum lipstick and sometimes even some little rhinestones in the corners of your eyes. Make sure not to forget accessorizing! Gold, chunky jewelry is the way to go for a fabulous pirate look!