Spruce up Your Space with Adorable House Plants

While we are all spending a little more time at home, it is the perfect time to spruce up your area! Little house plants have been such a popular addition to home decor recently, and they have a simple way of bringing a more homey feel to any space. There is just something uplifting and calming about cute plants, and they have been proven to be a mood-booster when you have them throughout your home! So, let’s chat about a few different ways to incorporate adorable plants into your decor!

First, the easiest way is to add a small plant to your kitchen counter, a desk or a night stand. Something small that does not take up a ton of space is a great start! Our personal favorites are succulents. Succulents are adorable and come in so many different varieties, so you are sure to find one that is perfect for your space! Succulents are a great starter indoor plant because they are super low-maintenance! Give them plenty of sunlight, and water them once or twice a week. Super simple!!

Snake plants are another great option, and they are actually considered succulents, too! These tall and skinny little plants are easy to take care of and add some much-needed natural life into your home! An added bonus is that they are adorable!

If you want to go bigger, you could try out a weeping fig tree! These potted trees are great accent pieces that are sure to make you feel better each day! It would be great for an empty corner, in front of a window, or on your porch! They are just sooo pretty! Now is a great time to pick up a new hobby; why not add “plant mom” to your resume?!