Summer Nail Colors

Summer is the perfect time to be experimental with your nail colors! Don’t misunderstand, we love the deep, moody tones of fall and winter nail trends. But, summer allows you to mix and match all of the fun bright hues without looking out of place. So, now is the time to go bold with your mani/pedi!! These are a few of our favorite nail trends for summer. You really can’t go wrong with a hot pink manicure. Pink is a classy color, and a bright shade is so fun for the summer. MOve away from the light pinks and nudes that barely appear; these are perfect if you are attending a formal event, but if you’re trying to stand out, definitely go for brighter electric pink. White may be a color you would typically overlook at the nail salon, thinking it is only needed for a French manicure. However, if you’re looking to show of your summer glow, white nails are the perfect way to do so! The white will be bright and contrast your tan, making you look like you just came home from a relaxing week at the beach! Yellows are usually not very popular when it comes to nail polish. While we typically would agree that yellow may not be the best choice, a deeper marigold color has recently been changing our minds. This darker yellow is the color of sunshine, what more could you want out of a summer manicure?! It also has the same great qualities as white- it makes you look more tan! We are still skeptical about a neon mani, but deep yellow has definitely won us over!