Sweet Treats to Try this Holiday Season

‘Tis the season for shopping, spending time with loved ones, and eating lots of yummy treats! Whether you are going to a “Friendsmas” celebration, a holiday party or getting ready for Christmas dinner with your family, bringing a sweet dish will not disappoint! When it comes to desserts or sweet snacks, something festive is always a hit! Here’s a few holiday treat ideas that will impress all of the guests at your holiday event! Sometimes, making a festive treat is easier than you think! We found a super simple recipe for peppermint crunch treats! These are easy-peasy to make and will make you look like an expert chef! All you need are graham crackers, white chocolate, and peppermints or candy canes. So, start with carefully melting the white chocolate, and break the graham crackers in half. Take several peppermints or candy canes and crush them up into small pieces. Dip the graham crackers into the white chocolate. Before it dries completely, sprinkle the crushed candy pieces over the white-chocolate covered crackers for an adorable, festive treat! Another yummy treat we found is gingerbread bars with cream cheese frosting. These will be a total hit for your holiday event! They are chewy gingerbread treats topped off with cream cheese frosting and sprinkles! You make the gingerbread layer with spices, brown sugar and a few other ingredients, and bake the gingerbread layer. Once it is cooked and cooled, add the frosting and then cut the pieces as you desire. Top off the bars with red and green or snowflake sprinkles and you are ready to present your treat! Sweet and salty snacks are always a huge hit! Rolo pretzel sandwiches are the perfect treat, and are so very easy to make! All you need is: small pretzels, the squares or mini pretzels work best. Lay some out flat on a cookie sheet and place one rolo on top of each one. Bake them in the oven long enough to melt the chocolate a little, pull them out and then stick another pretzel on top to make a little sandwich. You can make them more festive by melting white chocolate and dipping the sandwiches in, or simply just drizzle it across them.