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Get in on the Floral Fad with Ellie Wilde

This Spring we have seen some fabulous florals by Ellie Wilde! Florals have been in the prom mix for a few years now, but we always like to see something unique added to them. Ellie Wilde has created some really different designs by changing up the placements of the florals and even adding some unconventional dress styles with floral prints. If you’re looking for a floral gown, but don’t want to blend into the garden of flowery dresses at prom, check out these looks from Ellie Wilde! Style EW21747 is one of our favorite dresses of the year, hands down. The top is a teal lace complete with long sleeves and a scalloped, deep V-neck. A teal belt separates the...

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Little Black Dresses from Ellie Wilde

Every girl knows the importance of a little black dress. Having one on hand for surprise dates and impromptu dinners is a necessity. Black dresses come in all sorts of silhouettes and styles that are perfect for any occasion. Ellie Wilde has put a few twists on the classic black dress and we are loving it! Style EW118138 is one of our favorite black dresses of the collection; but, it migh not be described as a “little” black dress, this gown is super dramatic! Firstly, it is a two-piece with scalloped lace where the top and bottom meet. The mikado fabric has small stones placed along the lace, and the sweetheart neckline is made to fall off the shoulders. The...

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